San Francisco Farm Day

Oct. 18, 2012

Mark your calendars! On Thursday, October 18, agriculture is going back to the Bay Area. Last year more than 300 volunteers brought farming and ranching to nearly 10,000 students in San Francisco Unified School District. The response from principals, the school district, and volunteers was so positive that CFAITC will host another San Francisco Farm Day to introduce even more students to our amazing industry.

San Francisco Farm Day will provide opportunities for students to learn about all the ways that farmers and ranchers affect their daily lives. Teams of farm animals, agriculture demonstrations, and hands-on activities will engage and educate both students and teachers across the city on this unforgettable day.


We are looking for volunteers to teach students in grades K-6 about agriculture! Make this a fun day and encourage your friends to sign up.

Testimonials from 2011

It was amazing how excited our students were to visit with the live animals—a goat and a rabbit. In addition, one of the parents brought in her own two chickens and showed the eggs that hatched from them. Making a compost bin together was fantastic—all kids were involved. I assign two students to feed the worms each week and they never tire of observing them!

The Farm Day was great!

It was a lot of fun and great exposure for my students.

It was wonderful for the students to experience this in their own school yard. Outside trips are getting more and more difficult. It really helps to bring the curriculum full circle, especially for the lower grade students. Thank You!!!

It was great to have the classroom presentations. It was great to meet and ask questions. The presenter was great!

Photo Gallery

View photos from last year's event.