Look at Agriculture... Organically!

Thank you for your interest in the Look at Agriculture... Organically! educator grants. These grants are designed to creatively enhance the understanding of organic agriculture for kindergarten through eighth grade students. Grants of up to $1,000 will be provided to educators nationwide to support the integration of organic agriculture into regular classroom instruction.


Applications are now closed.


I. Eligibility

II. Project Requirements

III. Grant Guidelines

IV. Funding

Project Ideas

2015 Grant Recipients

Christine Ambrose
SV's Composting Project
Summit View Elementary School, Pima County - Arizona

Marianne Barrell
Rolling Kitchen
Penngrove Elementary School, Sonoma County - California

Katie Bethune
Organic Snacks
North Fork Elementary School, Madera County - California

Laura Bowie
The Life of a School Lunch
Chrysalis Charter School, Shasta County - California

Elizabeth Bundschu-Mooney
Classroom Test Garden
EM Downer Elementary School, Contra Costa County - California

Susan Calicchio
Rainbow Garden
Dear Park Elementary School, Hillsbourgh County - Florida

Frances Christian
Duval Charter's Research Garden
Duval Charter School - Duval County - Florida

Leann Davis
Osceola Creek Aquaponics Farm
Osceola Creek Middle School, Palm Beach County - Florida

Kriste Eaton
Plant Pita
Parkside Elementary School, Collier County - Florida

Stacy Gnibus
MV's Organic Gardner's Club
Monte Vista Elementary School, Monterey County - California

Regina Hitchcock
RVMS Organic Garden Project
Round Valley Middle School, Apache County - Arizona

Robert Howard
Organic Garden Expo
Forest Glen Middle School, Broward County - Florida

Lisa Liss
Jammin' with Wind Youth
Woodlake Elementary School, Sacramento County - California

Judy Ludovise
Salsa Garden
James Monroe Elementary School, Sonoma County - California

Jennifer Lykins
Organic Pizza Garden
Clermont Elementary School, Lake County - Florida

John McCarthy
TERI's Organic Garden
TERI's Learning Academy, San Diego County - California

Lauryn Morley
Hundred Nights Shelter Project
Pine Hill Waldorf School, Hillsborough County - New Hampshire

Juliane Mueller
Blackfeet Garden Project
Napi Elementary School, Glacier County - Montana

Star Rosario
Silver Shores Garden
Silver Shores Elementary School, Broward County - Florida

Parker Sawyer
Lanikai Public Charter School - Hawaii

Ellen Scranton
Hydroponic Garden
Memorial Park Elementary School, Oneida County - New York

Anne Stephan
Our Organic Garden
Edna Batey Elementary School, Sacramento County - California

Todd Willis
Duck, Duck, Goose??
Pleasant Hill Elementary School, Desoto County - Mississippi

Victoria Wodarczyk
Farming Tribes
All Tribes Charter School, San Diego County - California

2014 Grant Recipients

Raelynn Antrim
Community Seed Library
Ocean Knoll Elementary, San Diego County

Linda Cassady
Paradise Intermediate School, Butte County

Diana Chavez
San Joaquin Delta Project
Don Riggio Elementary, San Joaquin County

Kevin Hesser
Toyon Middle School Organic Pizza Garden
Toyon Middle School, Calaveras County

Rebecca Newburn
Carbon-Rich Soils for Healthy Plants & A Healthy Planet
Hall Middle School, Marin County

Susan Moen Nunes
Ode to Organics
Pacific Coast Charter School, Santa Cruz County

Paige Pleasant-Howard
Seed Germination and Saving Seeds
Phillips Elementary School, Napa County

Barbara Roether
Orchard of History
Casa di Mir Montessori School, Santa Clara County

Barbara Simpson
Eating a Rainbow
Pinewood Elementary School, El Dorado County

Samantha Stuller
Fantastic, Organic Mini-Lessons!
Valley Oak Middle School, Tulare County