Submit stories from your 3rd-8th grade class to the Imagine this... Story Writing Contest.
Deadline: November 1
Tammy Burris, a teacher at Grace Davis High School in Stanislaus County, received a Literacy for Life Grant to fund her project, Experiments in Agri-Science. Learn more.
Carrie Strohl, a teacher at Bel Aire Park Elementary School in Napa County, received a Literacy for Life Grant to fund her project, Traveling Wheelbarrow Garden. Learn more.
Use What's Growin' On? ...Under the California Sun to learn about California grown raisins, artichokes, dairy, potatoes, seed crops, invasive species, and more!
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Welcome to Ag in the Classroom!

More than 7 million California students are fed, clothed and housed with products grown right here on our farms, in our fields and within our forests. California Foundation for Agriculture in the Classroom is dedicated to helping students and teachers across our great state gain an understanding of how agriculture provides the daily essentials necessary to make our society and our world function.

how aiTC Makes a difference?

From the cotton in our jeans and the food on our tables, to our landscaped yards and playing fields, we all depend on agriculture. The survival of this vital industry depends on educating and encouraging the next generation of decision-makers. We do this by engaging students and educators in meaningful ways: developing and sharing unique classroom curriculum, supporting school garden efforts, spreading our message at local Ag Days, honoring outstanding educators, rewarding students who learn and write stories about agriculture and so much more.

Agriculture: It's All About You!

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